Chapel Time: Day Twenty-Six

I didn’t take photos in the Chapel today after teaching…but it was a pretty special pre-supper hour event.  My stories seem to be just stacking up inside me…I’m not really telling any of them.
A former student of mine agreed to come and paint with me in the Chapel, so I picked her up after teaching. I’ve invited her to work on the vineyard, while I continue on with my flying from one portion of the wall to another. She is a very special lady and I have many memories of working with her in art classes grades seven to nine.  It was a pleasure to have her work alongside me.  I have not had anyone else share this sort of time with me.
Three of us went on a short walk and looked at the other banners I have painted in the church.  It was good to share this work in such a quiet atmosphere, with no other people around.  I realized again, how special it is to have the privilege of painting for God.
Back in the Chapel,  I needed to deal with the direction of the light on the vessels on the right hand side.  I remembered making a note somewhere along the way that I wanted to have the light moving from the center of the interior (the Tabernacle) onto the objects left and right.  I had painted a consistent light source from the left on Saturday…and so this needed to be changed.
I wrote onto the bottom right of the wall from the Old Testament reading in Samuel that describes that a horn carried the oil for anointing.  I wrote in gilt script again, just prior to painting the translucent alabaster jar to the very right. 
This small alabaster vessel may not have been captured by my dear photographer-friend because he left prior to that time.  I hope to load some of those photographs onto my blog when they are transferred over to me.  It was special to be included as a part of the subject of the wall project, along with my friend and a very nice thing to be hearing a shutter going off again and again. I am a huge fan of this man’s work!  I have to admit also that, given a chocolate smoothy, I slurped on my very first beverage since deciding to refrain from drinking or eating at all while painting.  It was such a treat.  Delicious!

The Chapel: Day 27