Jeanne d'Evreux

On my maternal side, I find so many interesting family ancestors in France, one being Jeanne d’Evreux.

“Jeanne d’Evreux was born in 1310 in Evreux, France to Count Louis de France and to Marguerite d’Artois.  She married King Charles IV of France (born 1294, reigned 1322-1328, died 1328) in Paris on July 5, 1324.  Only 14-years-old at the time of her marriage, Jeanne was already Charles’ third wife.  Her husband was the son of King Philip IV and Queen Jeanne de Navarre; Jeanne d’Evreux was the great-granddaughter of King Louis IX of France, or Saint Louis. She was known throughout her lifetime as a significant artistic patron, in addition to her innumerable charitable deeds.  She died March 4, 1371, and was buried at Saint-Denis alongside her husband.”

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I have traced my mother’s family tree to Jeanne d’Evreux on my maternal great-grandmother’s side.  Most exciting to me is that she was such a patron of the arts and that there are many historical references to her Book of Hours, something that has interested me for the past ten years!

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