Mark Vazquez-Mackay 2015

I’ve been somewhat neutralizing my physical environment…and my front hall has gone from this…(you can read about the paintings here)

Front Entrance BlueTo this…

Kath's Canon September 8, 2015 Front Entrance 001I’m taking my time thinking about my attachment to images and have decided to take out one of my own mountain nocturnes and replace it with the Mark Vazquez-Mackay depiction of a train engine that I purchased at auction this past year.  This wall is still in progress for its arrangement of original art.  Consider starting your own collection.

I feel so blessed to have ‘won’ this and it is among my most treasured pieces.  I’ve placed it next to one of my Doris McCarthy pieces, a painting of the Hoodoos…and just beneath another female mentor, Laurel Cormack’s figurative piece.

I’ve visited Mark’s studio...thanks to friend, Wendy Lees who has been a connector in the fine arts in Calgary through both her Love Art in Calgary tours and her dedication to providing quality creative programs in the East Village via create!

Mark is a marvel in the studio and I’m so grateful to have an example of his work in its rich, yummy palette…almost with regal undertones…for its incorporation of red and its warm fleshy tones.

Kath's Canon September 8, 2015 Front Entrance 002 If you wish to see Mark paint, he’ll be at Rumble House tomorrow evening.  Stop by and say hello and ask him about his process and while you’re there, say ‘Hi’ to me as well!

He’ll be painting on THIS!

Photo Credit: Mark Vazquez-Mckay

Photo Credit: Mark Vazquez-Mckay

“This canvas and I have BIG plans tomorrow at the Rumble HOUSE. Come down and watch me paint all over this giant canvas, and get the chance to win it in the Rumble House auction at 9pm. Live art starts at 7pm, see you there!”

1136 8th Ave, SW
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 629-7424

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