Daniel: A Sacred Cantata

Dad’s black leather music portfolio was kept in a side hallway linen closet, as I remember.  It is as though it was always spilling over and exploding with magical pieces of paper.  I was only a little girl, but I was easily amused by objects like my mother’s costume jewelry box and this case.

During one of those times when Mom wasn’t looking, I pulled Dad’s copy of Daniel, A Sacred Cantata, out of the black leather case.  This music contains some of my earliest drawings.  I know that they are mine because for years I felt guilt and shame and wondered when I would finally be found out.  Dad never said a word.  I’m sure he must have noticed, but unlike the images I had conjured up, I guess it just didn’t matter to him.  And today, as I leaf through the pages, this just makes me smile.

On the top right corner is the hand written name, Enid Smith.



I particularly treasure this drawing on the ‘Personations’ page, that show my earliest human schematic.


As for the music, I am unable to find any part of this Sacred Cantata on line.  If my readers can direct me to something, I’d appreciate it.

In Part I, No. 3 In God Is Our Trust