Portici, Campania

Portici is a town and comune of the Province of Naples in the Campania region of southern Italy

A real rest stop for us was had at the Fabric Hostel in Portici, just outside of Naples.  Here, we lounged on church steps in the cool of evening with an extended Italian family that ended up taking us into their home and preparing us a home-cooked meal and serving us fresh peaches in chilled wine.  This was the ‘real deal’.  I will always remember the experience of Portici as being very special because we didn’t feel so much like tourists as welcome guests.  Unfortunately, Erin was sporting a bad cold at the time, but we managed to access some medicines and do some relaxing.  I remember NOT being able to find a nice bottle of red wine in Portici!

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We took a day in Naples to explore the long streets, market places and plazas.  We made certain that we found L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele for the most dreamy pizza I have ever consumed!



P84I felt a connection to the hostel itself because of my family’s history with woolen mills.  I enjoyed hearing the stories about the space from the attendants at the front desk.


Stairs THEN


Stairs NOW

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Portici lies at the foot of Mount Vesuvius on the Bay of Naples, about 8 km (5.0 mi) southeast of Naples itself. There is a small port. To the south east is Ercolano, formerly Resina, which occupies the site of ancient Herculaneum. San Giorgio a Cremano is another town nearby.

The city was completely destroyed by the Eruption of Vesuvius in 1631, but was rebuilt. Charles III of Spain, King of Naples and Sicily, built a royal palace in the town between 1738-1748. After Garibaldi defeated the Bourbons in 1860, the palace was turned into the Portici botanic gardens and the Royal Higher School of Agriculture. It once contained the antiquities from Herculaneum, which have since been moved to Naples.

Wonderful family, pasta and fresh seafood…amazing!

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