George Elliott (1876-1951)


George Elliott and Mable Burrows

George Elliott was my Great Grandfather on my paternal mother’s side.  He was married to Mabel Burrows.  George was as Irish as they come, but I notice that as the Canadian census moved through time, his family was identified as English. Following are documents to substantiate his parentage and while I have quite a long lineage worked out for the Elliotts, I will try to keep it simple.  I will write about Mabel’s family separately.   For now, let’s look at my Elliotts.

The 1891 census finds George Edward’s parents, George and Brenda, living in Lindsay, Ontario with several siblings.  I would consider this list a working list as the Elliott name was, as my readers well-know, a very common Irish name and I have walked the Lindsay cemetery two times now and can attest that there are many descendants.

In 1885, we see that a Florence Olive was born to the family.  This is a name that my Grandmother Florence would later inherit.  We also see Helen Eureth born in 1884.  My Paternal Grandmother’s full name was Florence Eureth Anna Elliott.  May she rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon her.

George Elliott's Siblings

Not very legible, the 1891 Census for Victoria, District Lindsay, includes this beautiful family.  You will notice that there is a discrepancy where Mary Ellen Jane Elliott born 1867 is listed.  Deborah, was likely transcribed incorrectly…and was originally listed as Debby, not Webby.  My Great Grandfather, George, is listed as 17 years of age, here.  That would mean he was born in 1874.

George Elliott 47
Brenda Elliott 43
Elizabeth Elliott 23
Webby Elliott 19
George Elliott 17
Annie Elliott 13
Maude Elliott 11
Myles Elliott 10
John Elliott 8
Helen Elliott 7
Florence Elliott 4
Harold Elliott 2

George Elliott 1891 census Lindsay

On the 1901 Census, George’s year of birth is listed as 1877 and his age, 24.

George Elliott 1901 Census Lindsay

On the 1911 Census, we find George is married.  His family appears on both page 21 and 22 of this Census.  On his Marriage registration, he is listed as a printer and also 24 years of age.  Parents are listed as George Elliott and Brenda Louisa Staunton, and Mabel at the age of 18, has listed as her parents, Charles Burrows and Thomasina Carver.

Marriage Registration:

George Elliott Marriage

1911 Census: Bottom Page 21 (here we see George, Mabel and Edward all listed as English Canadians who practice the Anglican faith)

George Elliott and Mable 1911 Census Lindsay bottom Page 21

Page 22  We see my Grandmother for the very first time on the Canadian Census, born in 1904.

George Elliott and Mabel 1911 Census Page 22

According to stories and remembrances of my aunties and my father, George Elliott was a very hard working man, but he also knew how to get into the drink.  Apparently he was fun and full of spirit and was an avid sportsman.  One time when he was a young man, he was out of town, playing lacrosse…somewhere in northern Ontario.  He spent a little too much of his money on the drink and so he had to put in some hours at a sawmill to make enough money to get back home.  It was during this work that he lost his arm to an accident.  If you look at the photograph above, he has his hook hidden inside his jacket pocket.

My Grandfather John Moors, shared a story with my father that one time he was accosted by a couple of thugs in Hamilton, men who had seen him pick up a cheque.  When they began to attack him, Great Grampa Elliott turned around and swiped them with his hook, cutting them.  The police were called and the two were apprehended.

He was a printer by trade and did a lot of fixing of the machinery involved.

My father has a very clear remembrance of his Grampa Elliott holding him on his knee and singing in the most beautiful tenor voice.  He said that his Gramma Elliott was a gentle heart for all of her years and that she did cooking in Hamilton for one of the lodges there, he thought, the Masonic Lodge.  He said that Mabel wasn’t very healthy in her life and he remembers her legs being swollen for much of the time.

George’s father, my Great Great Grandfather George Edward Elliott, was living at 95 Cambridge Street in Lindsay when he died.  His death certificate says that he was born in Port Hope and that he was a Carpenter by trade.  The informant of his passing was his son, Harold Elliott.  My Great Great Grandfather is resting in Riverside Cemetery, buried on my birthday May 8, 1921 at the age of 74.  He died of heart failure, as did my beautiful grandmother.  I was unsuccessful in finding any marker for his resting place or Brenda’s in Lindsay.  However, I did go to Woodmount Cemetery with my cousin, Mike and say a prayer at the resting place of my Great Grandfather George Elliott, his wife Mabel and his son, George.

Mabel passed away in 1940 and George, eleven years later.  I have no idea the circumstances that brought the Elliotts south to Hamilton.  There are still stories to learn.

George Elliott and Mabel Burrows

George Elliott and Mabel Burrows 2

Some of my searches include looking for early print shops/newspapers/publications and also local lumber mills and such.  I’m also interested in any information on local sport.


Death Cert George Edward Elliott 2

The following is Brenda S. Elliott’s registration of death.  Brenda is also buried in Riverside Cemetery, Lindsay, but I have been unsuccessful in finding her resting place.  May our ancestors rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon them.

Brenda S. Elliott

If you are an Elliott or Burrows descendant and living in the Lindsay, Ontario area or in Hamilton, I’d love to hear from you.  YOU ARE FAMILY!