Carol Shields

Here is a Canadian writer who I hold most dearly to my heart!  If you haven’t picked up Carol Shields novel yet, please do.  The first time I had really heard of Carol Shields, it was in connection with her 1993 award-winning novel, The Stone Diaries.  I can not tell you how many ways my own life aligns with this Shields protagonist.  Daisy Stone Goodwill is a character, under my skin.

Bibliography Collected from Wikipedia: This is the extensive list.  Several of these are on my wish list.  I have read the book titles that have been bolded.


 Short stories


  • Others. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1972.
  • Intersect. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1974.
  • Coming to Canada. Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1992.





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