Schubert: First Vocal Album For High Voice

This book of music is in very sad repair…but, had I not archived it, I would not have come upon an inscription.  The pages, thin, had never separated in such a way that I would ever find the writing of Dad’s first vocal teacher, Mrs. Weir.

Posted on the book, were former notes I had written.  Western Regionals, Third Place, Regina Festival, Dark Hall and Golden E. Memorial Shield and Russell Green.  So, I looked up Dad on Skype to get the low down.  Dad competed in the Western Regional Festival in Regina and the venue for the competition was The Darke Hall.

I found these two little pieces on Youtube…nice that we have an opportunity to see the place where Dad competed.

I know that Dad sang The Wandering (Das Wandern), because I have found a few words circled.  Of course, I am not going to post images of the pages…but, might for a select song.  I’ll talk to Dad about it.  Funny, when I mentioned Das Wandern on Skype, Dad began singing.  What I find staggering, is that he knew the melody and every word.

The prize, the Golan E. Hoole Memorial Shield  was named after Vocal specialist, Golan E. Hoole, the professor of Voice Production and Voice Physiology, who, in 1915, took over as the Director of the Conservatory at the College of Regina.  Dad earned third place.  There are some back stories here and Dad has shared them with me at a point, but being an honorable man, he has dismissed these now.  I hope you will enjoy Das Wandern in German, below.