The Holy Land

I’m very interested in following the experiences that friends and people have of the Holy Land.  There are several blogs that I follow, in order to gain different perspectives.  I would love to journey to biblical places, but if I’m unable to do that myself, I certainly can read about them and admire the photographs.

My favourite blog about the Holy Land is that of Shimon.  He writes about the common place events of living in Jerusalem and also shares his thoughts on a whole number of issues of our contemporary world.  He shares ideas in a very diplomatic way.  Equally enjoyable is looking at his collection of photographs of ordinary things…cats, home, family, food, celebration, struggle.  It gives me great insight.

And then there are the travelers.  Rebekah’s World is a beautiful and telling blog and very hooked into belief and Christian tradition.  I find it beautiful and always thought provoking.  Hollee, my beautiful and long time friend, is a world traveler and usually on behalf of one of the most ‘heavenly’ organizations I know, one that is existence to uphold human dignity, L’Arche.  Hollee takes the time on these journeys or shortly after she arrives home (lol) to write to me.  I like the compassion that comes with this little card…words sent to console and support.  This exemplifies the Holy Land.

Kath's Canon July 29, 2015 Hollees Cards and Nick Rooney Collect 008 Kath's Canon July 29, 2015 Hollees Cards and Nick Rooney Collect 007

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