Peter von Tiesenhausen 1997

This Peter von Tiesenhausen piece is an early purchase from CAG.  My husband, at the time, and I had acquired two of his early paintings and in separation, I was blessed with this little jewel, to be held as a part of the legacy I leave our children.  The ‘guy’ got the large piece, but I am in love with this wee 1993 painting titled The Foothills 5″ x 14″.


©Kathleen Moors


©Kathleen Moors

I met Peter early on and we used to share conversations about things back in the day.  I already loved his connection to the land and have continued to follow his career all of these years.  I feel as though I own a gesture…a collection of marks…that perhaps summarize all that the artist has been and is becoming.  Presently, the Esker Foundation is featuring some amazing installations by Peter and I recommend that you attend this exhibit.


©Kathleen Moors


©Kathleen Moors

Photo: Grande Prairie

Photo: Grande Prairie

Sanctuary by Peter von Tiesenhausen

©Kathleen Moors

This afternoon, I drove out to the Leighton Arts Centre to experience a dance performance piece and epic sculptural project by Peter von Tiesenhausen.  He harvested 1000 poles to use in the construction of the piece from his own woodlot outside of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

©Kathleen Moors

The experience on the hill transcended dance and certainly the elements, were in part, responsible for a very mystical experience of the art.  The dancers initially brought up for me, bird-like movements in the great stand of vertical poles.  There was considerable interaction and a variety of levels and locations in the performance piece.  I felt amazed by the entire interaction between the dancers and the sculpture.  I also think that that interaction caused the viewer to move and enter into the art from a whole number of points of view.

©Kathleen Moors

The rain itself, contributed to the art as the viewers were transformed in their bodies…with the clothing/boots they wore and the very colourful presence of umbrellas.

©Kathleen Moors

Peter seemed joyful as the piece came to its conclusion and we couldn’t help but celebrate along with him.  Awe-inspiring!

©Kathleen Moors



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