For You Alone by Henry E. Geehl

Originally sung in 1910 by Enrico Caruso, For You Alone written by P. J. O’Reilly and composed by Henry E. Geehl, must have been a popular tune in the early 1900s because there are several versions published on line.  It must have been of some popularity.

Here is the 1910 recording as well as a later one performed by Jussi Björling in 1937.

Dad’s sheet music has the name, Chamberlain written in script on the first page, so I’m going to have to ask him about that.

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(P.J. O'Reilly / Henry E. Geehl - 1909)

Enrico Caruso - 1911
Also recorded by: Richard Tauber; Mario Lanza; Richard Crooks; Jussi Bjorling; Joe Lovano.

Take thou this rose
This little tender rose
The rarest flower
In all God's garden fair
And let it be
While yet its crimson glows
An emblem of the love
I proudly bear

Take thou this heart
The heart that loves thee well
And let it flame
Before thy shrine, my own
Take thou my heart
For oh, your dear eyes tell
God fashioned it for you
For you alone