Bobbie’s Objects

My friend, Bobbie Melville, died on August 20, 2019.

When a person loses a friend or a family member, they want for everything to remain as it was.  But, nothing will ever be the same.  Through their departure, the world has changed forever.  It is left for us to see things differently and to experience life differently.

I used to visit Bobbie in his home here in Calgary.  He would cook us up some chicken and make a salad and he’d fry up some potatoes.  It was always delicious.  We’d sit in his living room and chat about the books on his bookshelf.  Each title would lead to another interesting conversation.  I am going to miss most, the ephemera…those conversations, whether in person or long distance, on the telephone.  Mostly, we talked on Sundays, after church.  I’d think that we would just touch base, but an hour and a half later, one of us would sort out that mayhaps it was time to say good-bye.  These conversations were not written down…they have no physical shape…they are not things to be hung in closets.  It is the conversations that I will miss most.

In Calgary, Bob was very involved with the Untitled Art Society and he exhibited a beautiful show of Kootenay Lake paintings in that space.  He also gave driving lessons for years.  As well, Bob would meet with adult ESL students and sit and chat with them, familiarize them with the city and take them out for coffees.  He really liked that.  Some of his objects reflect these interests.

I spent some time, the day Bob died, walking through his space…I took pause.  I remembered.  And, it will never be the same.