Heather Buchanan 2012

I chose to feature Heather Buchanan’s Aqua Trailer first, simply because I had been sorting my business cards when I came upon her card; one side was featuring a handsome portrait.  I purchased the Aqua Trailer when I was attending the Market Collective with my cousin.  I love the fact that the trailer represents a dream of mine to own a T@b trailer.  I think sometimes that when you have objects around, they manifest something that is in your heart.  Just my thought.

Heather Buchanan Aqua TrailerPresently, this painting is perched in my family room bathroom, right where I can see it every time I brush my teeth.  I think that the colour also mimics the colour of toothpaste.

heatherfuture is Heather’s Etsy account…so see more of her work there.

Here is Heather’s website!  Yummers!  I love her portraits and I feel so blessed to have this wee piece…a constant reminder of fun and outdoors and being on the road!

This image was borrowed from Heather’s facebook porfile.  Hope she doesn’t mind.

Heather Buchanan

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