July 8, 2013: Upon Reading ‘The Eye Altering Alters All’

Blake The_Vision_of_the_Last_JudgmentI was full of tears at the time of writing this poetic response.  It was a difficult time and I could not see myself or my life clearly.  For a brief time, I did not know who I was and did not see things for what they truly were.

The Eye Altering Alters All

Found in Collected Poems: 1947-1980, published by Harper & Row, the poem, “The Eye Altering Alters All,” demonstrates Ginsberg’s masterful poetic ability. It follows:

Many seek and never see,
anyone can tell them why.
O they weep and O they cry
and never take until they try
unless they try it in their sleep
and never some until they die.
I ask many, they ask me.
This is a great mystery.

Here readers encounter an early, well-structured Ginsberg poem. In concise, rhymed lines, Ginsberg buries “a great mystery.”

My Poetic Response

The Eye Altering Alters All,
Good title considering how your eye
Now focuses inward and sees so much
Of your heart, opened up
To realization and

You have challenged
The every possibility and now
The mirror reflects back to you,
Your own soul
This fractured image is what matters
At this point, not
It’s connection to the rest.

Forward now,
With courage,
Take the step.
Do not wait to resolve
Dreams in your sleep or
To have peace only in death
Resolve to see now!
Truly, the mystery is the extent
Of your own gratitude and faith.

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