Where are Hollee’s Cards?

Hollee Card 1971 Sophmore Charles M. Russell High School, Great Falls, Montana


So…I found Hollee Card!  And, just today, we shared in a lunch at Pho Dau Bo in Calgary and took up where we left off in 1971.  It was such a beautiful time.  I will treasure this day forever.  Lunch was relaxed and conversational…such a rich collection of remembrances and present-day experiences! I remember that ours was a friendship of JOY. Hollee’s life work has been with L’Arche.  She has treasured family and has supported them through a number of challenges.  Today, over lunch, I felt emotional because after so many years, we are still at the heart of things, unchanged.  At lunch, Hollee shared some homemade ginger snaps and so we enjoyed a cookie with our tea before departing on a bit of a dog-walk and a visit with Hollee’s auntie and uncle.

Kathleen Moors Senior 1973, Charles M. Russell High School, Great Falls, Montana

Ginger Snaps and Hand Shadows

Hollee, Kath and Gucchi Christmas 2011

Gucchi: Looking Her Best

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