My Maternal Ancestors: Gallant, Arsenault, Shepard, Binns

So much of my spirit lies with Prince Edward Island…I’m very rooted there, simply because of my mother’s memory of her first 12 years in Summerside.  Last summer I returned to some of the places and visited with people that are important to my family’s roots.  I was to Cardigan, Georgetown, Baie Egmont, Souris, Summerside and other places….it was absolutely magical!  I stayed in a cabin in North Rustico and took in the air, the water and the earth.  Many coffees were enjoyed out on the morning porch…and glasses of wine sipped at the kitchen table while eating fresh mussels/scallops and clams.

Please refer to the pages that are parented by this one, to learn more about the Gallant-Arsenault folk, as well as the Binns.  If you discover that you have any connection within my maternal line, please be in touch.

Please follow the link below to hear a very important interview…my biological grandfather, Benny Binns, is mentioned in this interview.

Interview With Hattie Hughes

I’ve begun my individual write ups and research, with the Gallant family, Mom’s uncles and aunts.  Click on the corresponding number for the appropriate page and information.Gallant Menu Pull Down














4 thoughts on “My Maternal Ancestors: Gallant, Arsenault, Shepard, Binns

  1. hi.not all shephard’s lived in cardigan. My GM Georgina Shephard-Hartinger lived in Charlottetown and I have many facts and stories to share..

    • Hi there, Ross. I’m so excited that you wrote. In fact, I just returned from a talk at our public library given by author, Lawrence Hill. I understand that he was out east for the dedication of the new Shepherd Road. Benny Binns was my biological grandfather and his family came down from the Shepherds. I want to return again and again to PEI until I piece all of it together. I am currently looking at the Black Islander’s Co-op on Facebook to do some of the work. I appreciate whatever news you have to share and send blessings from Calgary, Alberta.

    • Hi, Larry. I have connected with your sister, Jane. Long story on my family tree…and quite a search. My mother, who has now passed after suffering Alzheimer’s Disease was a biological daughter to Benny. We were blessed to connect all of the dots while Mom was with us and she was able to see photographs that I took on a quest that I made to PEI some years back. I returned to Summerside, Cardigan and Souris. My mother lived for twelve years with her great grandparents, Mamie and Papie Gabe Gallant, in Summerside. I have many roots there, but only one Great Aunt still living. Thanks for connecting, Larry.

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