Rene Derouin 1998

I was on sabbatical from the CCSD #1 and was studying at ACAD.  The Glenbow Museum was host to a tremendous exhibit by Rene Derouin titled Frontiers.  CAG, then located on Stephen Ave., represented Derouin at the time and, so, had an exhibit of smaller lithographs.  The collection of monumental works at the Glenbow was powerful and the day that I attended, I found Rene Derouin sitting on a chair alone, center of the exhibit.  There, I was able to have a conversation with him that lasted quite some time…about art…migration…life.  While I browsed the exhibit, he did two drawings in the wee book that I had purchased before entering the show.

Later that same week, Rene Derouin attended the ACAD lecture hall and shared an inspiring talk about his life’s work.  It was so encouraging and an honour to be able to visit with him twice.

I purchased this piece titled Automne from Doug MacLean and absolutely cherish it.  Again, framed behind glass, I do not have the best of archives for the piece.  I encourage my readers to explore Derouin’s process.

Automne by Rene Derouin

Automne by Rene Derouin

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