Jesus Only: Written by Frances K. Havergal and Music by A. Ratoli

This piece of music includes a small bit of handwritten script at the top right…Chamberlain, New York, 1916.  The edges of the piece are brittle, but I have stored all of Dad’s music into an archival portfolio, each piece of music in a separate sleeve.  While archives in paper may not retain a lot of value, the emotional value of such as this, is infinitely more valuable than the ordinary joe might believe.

My Dad’s tenor voice is a sound that resonates.  I’ve lived a long distance from my father for a very long time, and yet when I hear a particular hymn or a folk song, I remember his voice.  I love that!  Music finds its way into your heart and memory.

The piece, Jesus Only, is included in a collection titled Sacred Songs.  Frances K. Havergal is a writer who has left us with a huge legacy of similar music, as well as an extensive repertoire of narrative writing.  While a video of this particular piece can not be found on the internet, I’m posting one that is written in a similar sentiment and is very popular.  Take My Life by Frances K. Havergal

Dad reports that this was, again, a piece that he learned for his many competitions.  He shared with me that the sheet music was often given to him by Mrs. Weir.  Lessons were quite pricey and he doesn’t remember exactly how his parents afforded them, but often he would win 25.00 prizes in the Kiwanis.  That may not sound like a lot of money, but in those days, it was like grabbing onto the moon.  I think that Mrs. Weir was one of the most wonderful mentors for my father and I love hearing stories about her.

I found this photo and scanned it, the last summer I spent with Dad.

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