Where E’er You Walk by Handel

Details written formerly by me on a sticky note, as reference to this piece of music, Where E’er You Walk by Handel.

While Dad ordinarily paid 5.00 a lesson with Mrs. Alice Weir, for his vocal and choral lessons, when it came around to festival time, particular to three festivals in Saskatoon, Mrs. Weir got Madame Helen Davis Sherry of the University of Saskatchewan to coach Dad.  He one four little scholarships that amounted to 125.00 in prize money.

Music was listed as a subject on the 1895 curriculum for schools in the Northwest Territories. In 1906 Miss Lemon was designated as a special music teacher in Moose Jaw, and in the following year Miss Jessie Grier became the supervisor of art and music in Regina; Miss Helgeson, the first music supervisor in the Saskatoon schools, was appointed in 1913. Inspectors’ reports indicate that there was hardly any systematic instruction in the rural schools. The approved textbook was The King Edward Music Readers until 1919, when it was replaced by a Canadian edition of The New Normal Music Course (Toronto 1913) by John Tufts and Hosea Holt. Progress in school music was impeded by the lack of competent teachers and the inadequate time allotment for music training in the normal schools. Several British-trained musicians served as part-time instructors at the normal schools: Madame Helen Davis Sherry taught 1917-44 in Saskatoon; Richard.T. Bevan was on the staff 1930-42 at Moose Jaw. Arthur Collingwood contributed to school music during his tenure (1930-47) as head of music at the University of Saskatchewan.


The Saskatchewan archives hold a studio portrait of Madame Sherry, well-known Saskatoon singer, examiner and vocal teacher. Helen Davies Sherry taught singing for many years as well as voice and music at the Saskatoon Normal School. She was the director of the Knox United Church choir for 30 years. Madame Sherry died in February 1964.


I’ve been listening to this piece and it is some kind of treasure!  Love it!


These are photographs of my father’s music, Where E’er You Walk by Georg Friedrich Händel.

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