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Photo Credit: Graham Richardson

Photo Credit: Graham Richardson

Clayton came over and took some photographs.  I still dream to collaborate on a project with the man…he’s pure genius, well, at least through my eyes.  I thought he was all of this when he stepped into my grade seven classroom many years ago.  A brilliant writer, a car enthusiast, photo journalist, student of the world.  It is nothing for him to head out in his treasured Lily or some other vehicle of choice and drive 900 miles straight (a number I pulled out of my head) or to be skidding about on a sheet of glassy ice.  He’s remarkable.  Recently, he had an assignment to capture someone in their environment.  He captured me.  Did I say that he is a connoisseur of music?  He is…and today is a Tom Petty sort of day!

Welcome into my studio space…a place I call “The Chapel” because the work, the conversations and the ideas shared in this space are sacred.

Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

At the feast table with Max and a cup of coffee.  Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

At the feast table with Max and a cup of coffee. Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

Being in the Goof  Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

Being in the Goof Photo Credit: Clayton Seams

Night Painting: Spirit


I painted for four hours this evening in the Chapel and feel as though there is real progress being made.  I met two women after Mass, one who spent about an hour with me in prayer and the other who simply affirmed the project, the ideas and expressed warm gratitude.  I was very happy about the contact.
The choir was practising in the church while I painted.  I loved hearing the music and sang along for the most part, all the while reaching hard-to-reach-places on the high ladder.  A group of young and interested children visited again and again, watching the progress and entering in wonderful conversations.  This gave me the opportunity to share some of what I was doing.  Small Maria added her name in gold, while the others signed the handwritten journal I have been keeping.


Chapel Time: Day Twenty-Six

I didn’t take photos in the Chapel today after teaching…but it was a pretty special pre-supper hour event.  My stories seem to be just stacking up inside me…I’m not really telling any of them.
A former student of mine agreed to come and paint with me in the Chapel, so I picked her up after teaching. I’ve invited her to work on the vineyard, while I continue on with my flying from one portion of the wall to another. She is a very special lady and I have many memories of working with her in art classes grades seven to nine.  It was a pleasure to have her work alongside me.  I have not had anyone else share this sort of time with me.
Three of us went on a short walk and looked at the other banners I have painted in the church.  It was good to share this work in such a quiet atmosphere, with no other people around.  I realized again, how special it is to have the privilege of painting for God.
Back in the Chapel,  I needed to deal with the direction of the light on the vessels on the right hand side.  I remembered making a note somewhere along the way that I wanted to have the light moving from the center of the interior (the Tabernacle) onto the objects left and right.  I had painted a consistent light source from the left on Saturday…and so this needed to be changed.
I wrote onto the bottom right of the wall from the Old Testament reading in Samuel that describes that a horn carried the oil for anointing.  I wrote in gilt script again, just prior to painting the translucent alabaster jar to the very right. 
This small alabaster vessel may not have been captured by my dear photographer-friend because he left prior to that time.  I hope to load some of those photographs onto my blog when they are transferred over to me.  It was special to be included as a part of the subject of the wall project, along with my friend and a very nice thing to be hearing a shutter going off again and again. I am a huge fan of this man’s work!  I have to admit also that, given a chocolate smoothy, I slurped on my very first beverage since deciding to refrain from drinking or eating at all while painting.  It was such a treat.  Delicious!

The Chapel: Day 27