Jane Urquhart

The Whirlpool (1986)
Away (1993)
The Underpainter (1997)
The Stone Carvers (2001)
A Map of Glass (2005)

“By drawing a diagram, a ground plan of a house, a street plan to the location of a site, or a topographic map, one draws a ‘logical two dimensional picture.’  A ‘logical picture’ differs from a natural or realistic picture in that it rarely looks like the thing it stands for.”

                                                             -Robert Smithson, The Collected Works

The first book of Jane Urquhart’s that I picked up and read was the Underpainter and from there, I was hooked.  Similar to the reason I enjoy Mary Gordon’s writing, I like the variety of voices that the writer creates.  I have come to know the protagonists intimately, and this is, in part, because Urquhart doesn’t make ‘meaning’ for the reader, that is left to us. Her books are very moody, complex and aesthetic,  providing the reader with lots to think about emotionally.  I’m guessing that she particularly appeals to female readers for her thorough character development and sensitive approach to writing ‘life’.

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