Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant is best known for her book, The Red Tent, an amazing chronicle of the lives of Old Testament women.  When I read this book, I was fascinated by the story that Diamant created for Dinah, a perspective on the journey of biblical women.  It is a real celebration of women…sisters, daughters, mothers and friends.  So much of the male perspective is present in scripture and very seldom do we get insights into the experiences of women.

Because I was so fond of this book, I have continued to read the author, but have not yet found a book that measures up.  My most recent read, Day After Night, lacked the same detail and honesty. Once again, the story was based on an historical context.  Four women survived the horrors of detainment in various circumstances, while most of their families did not.  Following that, they must face a similar existence in a British-run prison called Atlit.  The reader learns of their experience and their resulting rebellion.


  • The Red Tent (1997)
  • Good Harbor (2001)
  • The Last Days of Dogtown (2005)
  • Day After Night (2009)


  • The New Jewish Wedding (1985, revised 2001)
  • Living a Jewish Life (1991, revised 2007)
  • Pitching My Tent (1995, 2005)
  • Choosing a Jewish Life (1998)
  • Saying Kaddish: How to Comfort the Dying, Bury the Dead, and Mourn as a Jew (1998)
  • How to Be a Jewish Parent (2000)
  • The New Jewish Baby Book (1988, revised 2005)

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