I thought it best to pull some sort of inventory together for my children to wade through when I’m gone/ a list to pass to an insurance adjuster if the information is required.  I realized something just the other day, after washing my hands and looking into the mirror at my face.  I stepped out into the family room and actually said, “You did this all, Kath”.  A very quick reflection on the fact that I’ve been a single parent for most of my adult life.  I’ve raised three beautiful children on my own, purchased a home, a van…built a studio, developed two levels to a four level split and completely landscaped this property.  It’s been a busy and satisfying life!  I also have an awesome art collection…other people’s work…and I treasure it, each piece for a different reason.  So, here I go…an attempt to compile a list! I will try to add an artist each day until I’m finished.

abrahamteniers_theartcollectionofarchdukeleopoldwilhelminbrusselsSee the pull down menu for the scoop.

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