The Gallants

In order to negotiate your way through the biographies of my Great Aunties and Uncles, please click on the links below.

Joseph Emmanuel Gallant 1907-1944

Adeline Gallant (Fardy) 1909-1988

Jean Philippe Gallant 1912-1995

Calice S. Gallant 1912-1992

Bruno Edward (Wart Gabe) Gallant (Binns/Thompson) 1915-2000

Marie-Anne Bathilda Gallant 1917-1995 (my grandmother)

Joseph Alfred (Fred) Gallant 1919-1981

Henry Pius (Pyouche) Gallant 1921-1987

Earl (Gabe) Gallant 1925-2016

Gladys Gallant 1927-

Marjorie Mary Gallant  1929-2005

Mary Millicent Gallant (Brenton) 1932-2004

Gabien Avis (Avit) (Gabriel) GALLANT (Gabe a Lip)

Birth 19 Feb 1889 in Mont Carmel, Prince, L’ile Du Prince Edouard
Death 21 Jul 1965 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada


As a child and in my little world, Papie was the ONLY Gallant…but, since growing up and doing research about my Grandmother Mathilda Marie (Tilly) Gallant, I have been able to go back, in some cases, ten generations to France.  These pages will share at least bits of my family history, while no where near what I have collected and organized in other formats.  If you have any connection to my line, I’d love to hear from you.

Unknown male, Great Auntie Adeline, my Great Grandfather Gabriel Gallant

Papie, Auntie Adeline and unknown male

My Great-Grandfather Gabe Gallant Summerside, PEI

This photo was taken on the day of my Great Grandmother’s (Mamie) funeral.

Mamie's Funeral



Born July 20, 1889 and died January 21, 1964



Born February 19, 1882 and died July 21, 1965


Back Row: Uncle Earl and Inez Gallant, Mike and Aunt Marjorie Kyncha, Wyman (Philip’s son) Uncle Philip and Mildred Gallant, Clarence (Tommy) and Marie-Anne Baltilde (Tillie) Thompson, Graham, Bob and Gordon (the late Joe Gallant’s sons) Navita and Uncle Henry Gallant, Millie (uncle Joe’s widow) and Lou Hogan.


Front Row: Betty (Calice’s daughter), Kay and Uncle Calice Gallant, Aunt Gladys Gallant, Aunt Mary (Mamie’s sister), Gabriel (Papie) Gallant, Aunt Adelaine (wife of James Fardy), Aunt  Millie and Uncle Fred,  Philip and Jackie Arsenault (Mamie’s brother), Uncle Edward and Mildred Gallant)

7 thoughts on “The Gallants

  1. I’m wondering if the Rustico Gallants are related to the Summerside and Western PEI Gallants? My father told me a long time ago, that he had Gallant cousins in Summerside. I don’t know their names though.

    • Most church records for my people are listed as Notre Dame Du Mont Carmel , Prince Edward Island. A lot of the head stones have been so wiped out with the salt air that it is hard to distinguish resting places…but, I DO know that my Great Grandfather was baptized in the church. I’m grateful that I was able to spend time there a couple of years back.

      • My uncle did some research on the two Gallant’s and they are apparently not the same from Rustico and Summerside because my grandfather Parker Gallant married Suzanne Gallant who’s family was from Rustico

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