Rose Margaret Moors (1883-1980)

This is the last of ‘the siblings’ to write about, my great great aunt, Rose.  Her siblings; Marion, Grace, Alice and John were all older than her.  Given that she was the youngest, she immigrated with her parents when they came to Canada.  It seems that the others were all sent ahead although, as you’ve read, I haven’t verified Marion’s passage. The wonderful thing about looking at Rose Margaret is the fact that my cousin, Anne, who lives in Kansas, had some photo archives of visits to see Rose and Harry, who lived and passed away in California.

Much as the others, Rose was baptized on April 22nd in 1883 in the Parish of St. Andrews Lambeth and came up through a childhood of poverty.  I have her birth date as January 29 of that year.

John Moors Baptism at St. Andrews

On the 1891 Census in Lambeth, Rose, Alice and Ada are all living at 42 Princes Street with their parents, Grace and John.

Moors Family 1891 Lambeth CensusMarion Ada, named Ada here, is already listed as a Domestic Servant in London.

Rose immigrated to Canada with her family in 1899, it seems, for the first time. Her other family members had several passages by this time.  Finally, the entire family would be seeking out residence in Hamilton, Ontario, in the vicinity where John had been labouring since the age of 13.

Immigration John Moors 59 Grace 58 Ada 29 Grace 25 Alice 20 Rose 18On May 9, 1900 the family (John, wife Grace, daughters Grace, Alice and Rose) is found making a second passage together on the Dominion, Second Class from Liverpool to Montreal. Grace is already identified as a Spinster at this point.

Moors Family Immigration Dominion May 1900On the 1901 Census in Hamilton, Ontario, Rose Margaret is found to be a Domestic with William and Bertha Wood.

My cousin Anne shared the following youthful photo of Rose with me.

Rose Margaret Moors Young

1901 Census Hamilton, Ontario Rose Margaret, Domestic for the Wood Family.

1901 Census Hamilton, Ontario Rose Margaret, Domestic for the Wood Family.

William Wood is running a very successful hardware business in Hamilton.

William and Bertha Wood Hardward Merchants Rose Margaret Moors was one of their domesticsOn 4 September, 1912, Rose marries Harry Benjamin Clayton, six years before she is to lose her father in 1918.

Rose Moors and Harry Clayton Marriage CertificateAfter her father’s passing, somewhere before the 1921 census, Rose has made the move with Harry to the California coast.  I think, at the time, the west was the land of opportunity and so this decision is not surprising.  Their address is listed on most documentation as being 1518 Meade Ave. in San Diego.

Harry Clayton married to Rose Margaret Moors

Robert A. McKeown, Rose & Harry Clayton, Edith Emily Haddow & Anne R. McKeown (me), Sept. 1945 San Diego, CA

Robert A. McKeown, Rose & Harry Clayton, Edith Emily Haddow & Anne R. McKeown (me), Sept. 1945 San Diego, CA

Rose and harry Clayton August 1941 San Diego

Rose Margaret and Harry Clayton Circa 1941

Harry Clayton August 1941 San Diego

Harry Clayton Circa 1941

Rose Margaret’s final resting place near her husband, Harry; her mother Grace; her sisters Grace and Alice in the Hope Mountain Cemetery, San Diego. More detail will be added as I sort through things, but this is a good start.

Rose Margaret with her sister, Grace

Rose Margaret with her sister, Grace


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  1. I’m captivated by this and will read your other offerings on the Moors family. I had come across Harry and Rose in a family tree that caught my attention while researching my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Watts (Moors) Childs, from the area around Yeovil where Dorsetshire and Somersetshire meet. The Moors-Clayton connection also got my attention because I’ve been researching the Clayton line of a distant cousin. Thus far I can’t connect Rose’s Moors family with mine (or Harry’s Claytons with my cousin’s), but if there is a connection with Dorset or Somerset then the two Moors families are probably kin. I’ll go study your other posts.

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