Objects of My Affection: Tree Ornaments

Un-decorated today…hot coffee…white outdoors…discovered Stingray digital music of the folk roots genre and treasured the peaceful time.  I reflected on the memories surrounding the ornaments…recalled the stories that they contain.

I pick up old glass ornaments that I know come from the 50s or so…usually that have bits of that spray snow on them.  They are more fragile glass than the contemporary versions.  Their storage boxes are also very vintage.  I keep my eye open for red.

DSC_1887 DSC_1886 DSC_1885 DSC_1884 I purchased these two angels…one for a dear artist, Jack, who passed away and the other, for Jarrett.  Each year when I put these ornaments on the tree, I say a little prayer. ?????????? The home made ornaments from years ago…made at day care by my children or in kindergarten.  Some time, at the separation of property, little Cayley didn’t want her Daddy to be sad, so she intentionally gave him all of her tree ornaments.  I hope that he knows how lucky he is.  DSC_1882My students made home made ornaments for an artist of their choice…most students collected them off of the tree as they went off on holidays for Christmas…if they didn’t, I brought them home with me.  I treasure these for the memory of my art students.  Leslie Champ built the pipe cleaner cat for  Andy Warhol.DSC_1881I have several of these from different years…apples and artist palettes…all given to me as gifts from my students.  They span thirty years of teaching. DSC_1880 DSC_1879Off of my original Christmas tree.  My daughter, Erin, and I created salt water dough each year and, like cookies, created these hand coloured ornaments.  These remain. DSC_1877Wayne Nicholas was so proud of his son, Jarvis, and his artistic ability.  At Christmas one year, I paid to have him create these four wooden tree ornaments for me.  I say a prayer as I put them on my tree for Wayne’s family.

DSC_1875Melissa and Stephanie sang in my youth choir for St. Albert the Great Parish while we still enjoyed Mass in the school gym.  They presented me with this angel the night of our door to door community Christmas caroling.  It is a treasure. ??????????My friend, Glo, has blessed me with these two beautiful and unique tree ornaments.  I am reminded of our friendship every year when I place them on my tree. ?????????? ??????????Mom and Dad have given me several little ornaments over the years and this one is my favourite.  I am so grateful for my parents.  I actually get emotional when I see these little trinkets each year in my Christmas boxes. ??????????One year, my children and I received a food hamper.  Things were very difficult for us at the time, although, I had a job…I was among the many city ‘working poor’ and could hardly sleep at night, so worried about where the next meal was coming from.  These ornaments were in the hamper and are likely among my most treasured ornaments.  Each year when I see them, I’m reminded of how many must be struggling.  I’m also grateful for the assistance that I received at the time. DSC_1867Christmas causes us much emotion…the objects of our affection, similar to the recipes used for our baking and cooking and the music we listen to, bring these emotions to the surface.

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