Bev Tosh 1997

Bev ToshThis Bev Tosh piece is a humdinger!  It means so much to me.  I had opportunity to take a figure drawing and figure painting class with Bev through the extension programming at ACAD.    This piece is one of Bev’s earlier works…she had painted a series of muse pieces…and explored swimmers…and then, inspired by her own mother, delved into the exploration of a body of work that speaks to the heart and to history, her War Bride Series.  On exhibit at the Glenbow Art Gallery, I found myself in tears as I spent time with the work… just an afternoon, coming to know only the surface of the war bride story.

There are some really wonderful narratives on the subject on line and I will provide some of those here.

The Traitor’s Daughter: Inside the Film

War Brides

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