Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Time spent with my beautiful daughter…six weeks of wonder for this Canadian mama!  The fact that these are my very own photographs, still amazes me!  In Cinque Terre, we stayed in the town, Riomaggiore.

Looking out at the water was other-worldly…walking along paths that plunge into beauty everywhere.  Good food, good wine, good views…a wonderful celebration of our relationship.

Daughter in Silhouette

4 thoughts on “Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

  1. Walking between the five towns and exploring each one with the luxury of at least a couple of weeks is one of my top travel goals.

    I love your images here – thanks for sharing these.

    So happy that you had a wonderful adventure there.

    • Cough! Sputter! I don’t know much of anything about taking photographs beyond point and shoot, so that is really a nice thing to say. I broke a finger on my painting-hand while in Cinque Terre, just trying to fight the waves on the slippery rocks on the Riomaggiore beach. So, if you do get to realize that dream, be careful! :o)

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