Gallery: Daily Art Happenings

I am open and so art leads me into all sorts of surprises, some very joyful experiences, but at other times, challenging and heart-breaking experiences.  I’ve tried to keep a bit of a documentation here.

Alberta Centennial: West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

Dan, Lana and Matthew Hudon of the West End Gallery were huge mentors and enthusiastic supporters.  I will treasure, forever, several profoundly moving art events shared with them.

Three Men: Sabbatical at Alberta College of Art

Goodness!  My year on sabbatical was amazing for the people I met and for the rich experience of artistic dialogue that was had.  I still dream to go back to school and get my BFA credentials…it’s madness that I ever stopped at a B Ed and that I am pretty much a self-made artist.  I loved how people like Bill Rodgers and Bill MacDonnell opened up my mind to techniques and ideas.

I met Ellen McIlwaine when she drove a courtesy car the day my van needed servicing.  Together, along with video producer, Cam Koerselman and poet, Paulette Dube, we participated in the Caribou Blues event in Jasper.  Magic!

Bringing New Life to Furniture: Kandinsky and Me

I like to reclaim broken, discarded, ugly furnishings and such and refurbish them.  I’d like to do more of this on rainy days.  A couple of these pieces were inspired by Kandinsky and my son’s love of music.

Front Entry Bench: Painted in a Chagall Window Theme, Zechariah

5 thoughts on “Gallery: Daily Art Happenings

    • It is very time consuming taking the three-six layers of paint off of some of these pieces, but always so rewarding when you get to prime and do the creative part of the painting! I have several pieces out in the studio in the works right now. Can hardly wait to post them.

    • Love you, Rita…yeah…I’m taking a writing break away from the bedroom furniture I’m presently doing. lol It is a physical job. Hoping that you’ve had a beautiful summer. Apparently the weather out west has been spectacular. I wish you and daughter Cayley could connect…she’s been there for months now! You would love her…and she would love you!

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