McMichael Canadian Art Gallery

Some years ago, Mom took us on a road trip from Toronto out to the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery.  Dad was working.  Mom drove.  It was a stifling hot day and the humidity was unbelievable, but out we went for an adventure.  First, we stopped to show the children, little then, Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village.


Mom was very enthusiastic about the stop at Cullen Gardens. She not only loved the gardens but thought that the village was magical.  Opening in 1980, the gardens became a huge tourist draw for the Whitby area, but was closed in 1996 and eventually moved to Niagara Falls.  We shared a picnic on the grounds and walked the brick pathways.  James was not born yet, but Cayley was in stroller and was a tad cranky in the humid heat.

On we went to the McMichael Gallery.  I was super pumped about that experience, spending probably too much time (for the sake of the others) pouring over the Tom Thomson panels.  I was also so excited to see Norval Morrisseau paintings, likely for the first time.  This was a short visit, but a memorable one.

I’m grateful to Hollee, that all of these years later, she has sent me a reminder.  Thanks for your card, Hollee, and the sentiment. Somewhere I have a photo of Mom and I together in front of the entrance.  I didn’t stick it in the album because neither of us looks happy.  We were probably hot and sticky and wanting to get back on the road.  I want to find that photo and stick it somewhere in with the others.

Cullen Gardens 001

Kath's Canon July 29, 2015 Hollees Cards and Nick Rooney Collect 002 Kath's Canon July 29, 2015 Hollees Cards and Nick Rooney Collect 003I like how the beautiful stamp mirrors the image on the card.  Thank you, Hollee.

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