Where Are You?

I pick up books with interesting inscriptions…books like The Bridges of Madison County, odd works of art in old frames, abandoned Bibles with precious inscriptions inside the front cover and old photographs.

Then I go about a search…internet and Ancestry.ca, in hopes of connecting the object to its owner or a descendant of the owner.  Some people are just not interested in the history or story behind objects and toss items that have,  from my point of view, a significance to family and memory.

Here are some of my on going searches or searches that have found their happy conclusions.

Local Provenance and the Elveden Center Calgary

The Glade, a Painting Found linked to the Scantlebury Family

A Champion for Susanna Moodie

Susanna Moodie

Where are You, Grace Buzik?  I found Grace and she writes in the comment section.

Where are You, Ruby J. Campbell?

To E.F.B. Liepmann With Love, Beverley Jean, June 20th 1953

Where Are You, Glenn Gangnier?

Where Are You, Rebecca Hammond?

Where Are You, Jordan Bearshirt?

Where Are You, P. Mason?

Where Are You, P. Jules?

Thinking About Al Purdy

Meeting John D. Sam Crawford

Where Are You, Roger and Rose Fortier?


Kath's Canon January 13, 2016 002