Timothy Findley

I am a big advocate of Canadian literature and Timothy Findley does NOT disappoint!  I would encourage any one who has an interest in fiction that is rooted in history, to pick up a Findley book.  He’s a fairly new author on my list, given my typical choice to read a female author.  Presently, I’m reading Pilgrim and I am captivated!

Pilgrim by Timothy Findley

Spadework 2001
Not Wanted On the Voyage 1986
The Piano Man’s Daughter 1995
Dust to Dust 1996
Famous Last Words

He did NOT shy away from controversy and while visiting the University of Calgary in October 2001, as a writer-in-residence, said,  “the oil companies are doing little to reduce greenhouse gases and they rush to exploit global gas and petroleum reserves. What’s going to happen in the future if we allow corporate profits to prevail above all other concerns?” Findley asked. “Talk about suicide bombers and all the innocent others who die along with them…. Think about that (corporate profits) and consider the future of our children, our country and our civilization.”

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