Click on the links below for detailed lessons and resources.  Log on…and use the blog posts to conduct your own lesson.  Have fun!

When I have the chance, I love to teach children in the studio, this after 30 years in fine arts and english language arts education.  There is something truly ‘magical’ about working with people in my own space…cranking up the tunes…opening the windows.  Magic!

Study for Large Composition: Bowls and Balls Unit

Hibernating Animals

Homage to Ted Harrison

Grade Twos Explore Emily Carr

Poinsettia With Grade Threes

Being Caribou in Grade Two

Remembrance Day Poppies

Grade Three Remembrance

Contour Pumpkins

October Cross Contours

Grade Ones Meet Pablo Picasso

Autumn Close Up and Venation

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Doodle a Paul Klee

Owls in the Family!

Klimt and Quatrains!

Love is In the Air: Grade Ones

Autumn Leaves Cross Contour

Blue Heron in Autumn Pond

Snow, Wind and Cold Colours

Festive Art

Busy Bees

Winter Birds

Autumn Falling Leaves


Red Birds

Art Flood

March and Green

Pieter Bruegel’s Children’s Games

45 Minute Discoveries About Faces

Entering the Dance: A Perspective on Elementary Art Education

The Elephant

Grade Fours Doodle a Paul Klee

Grade Four’s Homage to Ted Harrison

Thinking About the Planes of the Face


Art Speaks

Scandinavian Motifs: Grade Four Valentines

For Those Tears I Died

Grade Ones Never Fail to Impress!  A Study of Claude Monet

Arachnophobia: Grade Four Halloween Spiders

Organic Shapes: Grade Three Halloween Ghosts

Show Grade Twos a Nest, And They’ll Draw It!

Being a Champion for Osprey!

Reflecting on Andy Goldsworthy with Grade Three

Painting With Kids Outdoors on a Windy Day

Art and Whales

Booth’s Class Reads The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen

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