William James Moors (1906 – 1908)

My Great Uncle, William James (Bill) Moors died at the age of two years old.

My Grandfather John Moors, says in his missive,

“At the age of three, William (Bill) was poisoned from eating cabbage leaves.  Father had Paris-greened them.  I remember it vividly, one of my earliest memories.  While Mother worked with him, Father high-tailed it to Powassan, eighteen miles away, with a saddle horse, but by the time he and the doctor returned, Bill was gone.”

Note* I believe my Grampa Moors to be incorrect when he remembers that the Dr. was in Powassan, rather I find Dr. E.T. Boyes living in Glanford, still 16 miles away from Hamilton.

Dr. E.T. Boyes Glanford

Physician E. T. Boyes

Physician E. T. Boyes

This was such a powerful memory for my Grandfather…I needed to include it here.

Paris_GreenWilliam James Moors (1906 - 1908)Finally, I have located the homestead for John Moors based on information accessed on William’s death certificate.

Where Barton twp. fits into Wentworth County can be seen below…Concession 8 is the bottom…so, easy to find.  To the south lies Glanford, the twp where Dr. E. T. Boyes and his family lived.

Wentworth County 1875 Map

Lots 17 and 18 on Concession 8 in Barton twp.

Barton County of WentworthDetail…bottom section of the map Concession 8….the reader can also see the church.  Now I have some hope of locating the school where Grampa John Moors attended school.

Barton Lot 17 and 18 Concession 8

Barton Township Map Labelled

These are the days when the Haddow family and the Moors family collide.

As described in Dick Chandler’s research on the Haddow family…

He writes…”K10 John Haddah/Haddow John, Mary and children, William Thomas, Agnes, Mary Eleanor and Margaret travelled from England to Canada on HMS Sea King at some time between October 1880 and June 1882.  John was honorably discharged from the British Navy at Montreal on 22nd June 1874.  He put his money down and took his family to Ryckman’s Corners, on the outskirts of Hamilton, Ontario He had a good farm there until it burned down.  He then started work for the Steel Company of Canada at Hamilton.”

In May of 1884, I find John Haddow and his wife, Mary High living on Lot 10 Concession 7 Barton twp.

(38967-84 (Wentworth Co) HADDOW, Henry, m, b. 20 May 1884, father – John HADDOW, farmer, mother – Mary HIGH, infm – mother, Lot 10, Con 7, Barton Twp)

Son, Henry Haddow is born to John and Mary in 1884, but dies of a brain malady in 1887, just three years of age.  I calculate that the fire that is mentioned by my Grandfather must have happened between 1887, Henry’s death, and 1891, when I find the family living in Hamilton.

John Haddow Lot 10 Con 7 Barton Twp

This 1875 map would have included the pioneer families prior to the settlement of my ancestors on the same land.

So, in perusing these particular maps, I would say that the Moors family and Haddow family were neighbours.  Thank you, dearest boy-child, William, for what your life and death have taught me today.

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