Concert T Shirts


Concert T Shirts are not something that I always purchased, but I’ve got an extensive representation of some great events…topping it off with Prince…a concert that meant the world to me.

Second to that, I loved my experience of hearing Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young in the Grand in Las Vegas.  Hmmm…also really loved being somewhere near fourth row or so in San Francisco, watching the Rolling Stones.

I guess, in the end, there’s no comparing one concert to another…they were all pretty amazing!  I’ve seen Sarah Harmer several times…but only picked up one t-shirt…same for Josh Ritter. I’ve seen Aerosmith a couple of times, but just have one t-shirt…I’ve seen Tina Turner and Neil Young with Crazy Horse…so many great musicians!  Damian Rice in Brighton, England…that was very very cool! Anyway, I thought I’d archive my collection.  Rolling them up now and hoping that one day, you’ll each inherit one of your favourites, while you listen to good music, eat good salsa (add the cilantro!) and chips…sip red wine and tell stories about what I meant to each of you.