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Kathleen Moors


Kathleen Moors was born in 1955 and resides with her family in Calgary, Alberta. She received her degree in Education from the University of Lethbridge and has taken numerous courses from the Alberta College of Art. She has been a professional artist in Alberta since 1990 and has exhibited widely in Western Canada.   Formerly, she was passionate about capturing the sense of spirit in river settings and used landscape as a way of resolving issues of identity and place.  She then shifted her focus in both media and subject matter as she combined a study of social commentary, spirituality and environmental concerns in her Covenant Series.  Most recently, Kathleen is exploring the act of walking as an observational practice, considering the impact of light, atmosphere and weather on her recording of still life.

Selected Exhibitions:

  • 2021 AUArts: Calgary, Alberta, Where Art Belongs
  • 2019 CASA: Lethbridge, Alberta, A Child’s Rara Avis group exhibit
  • 2016 Front Gallery: Belleville, Ontario The Shape of Words: A Painter’s Tribute to Al Purdy
  • 2010 Mueller Art Gallery: Lethbridge: Covenant Series
  • 2004 Mountain Galleries on the Fairmont: Jasper: Group Exhibit: Angel Glacier
  • 2003 West End Gallery, Edmonton: Takkakkwa Falls
  • 2001 Wallace Galleries Calgary, AB:
    Thinking Back: The Places I Have Been
  • 2001 West End Gallery,Victoria BC: Seeing Red
  • 2000 Wallace Gallery, Calgary: Christmas Show
  • 2000 West End Gallery, Edmonton: Pieces of Gold
  • 1998 West End Gallery,Victoria: Horizons
  • 1998 West End Gallery,Edmonton: Tributes
  • 1998 Canadian Art Galleries,Calgary: Images of the Garden
  • 1997 Canadian Art Galleries,Calgary: Reflections
  • 1996 West End Gallery,Victoria: Tapestries
  • 1996 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary: Distinctively Canadian
  • 1996 West End Gallery, Edmonton: Kindred Spirits
  • 1995 West End Gallery, Edmonton: 20th Anniversary Show
  • 1994 West End Gallery, Edmonton: The Good Earth
  • 1992 Chomik/Crittendon Architect’s Office, Calgary: Passages
  • 1989,90,91 Muttart Art Gallery, Calgary: Juried Group Exhibitions
  • 1991 Gulf Canada, Calgary: Juried Group Exhibition

Selected Collections include:

  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts
    Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Century Sales
  • T.D. Evergreen Investment Services
  • S&L Collection
  • Suncor Inc.

9 thoughts on “Curriculum Vitae

  1. Hi Kathleen, I was delighted to see your photo of the Roslyn schoolboys in the Westmount Independent when it arrived at our house yesterday. I am very close to the Walls family, and I believe that at least one of the two Walls boys pictured here is the one I know, who is still alive (and well!). I am going to contact him about this today. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of history!

      • Hi Kathleen, We have a hit! He’s Jack Walls, who appears in the second row, third from the right. He’s still in good shape – I was able to recognize him instantly!

        Mr. Walls feels the photo must include several Roslyn classes, as the Walls boy in the first row is his younger brother Ed (now deceased).

        Remarkably, and perhaps more typically of communities of that era, a number of the classmates had remained in touch over the years, although several have fairly recently passed away. Mr. Walls feels that Gurd might still be alive, although I have no idea of how to find him.

        Mr. Walls’ daughter has been using her computer to take him back to old neighbourhoods (with Google Earth), and to research the history of the World War II Navy, in which he served. What fun it was to find this piece of history to add to their discoveries.

        Mr. Walls enjoyed reminiscing over the photo with me, and I was happy that your initiative gave me a good excuse (prodding?) to give him a call. Thank you for your wonderful idea, and all the effort you went to to bring this photo back to life.



        Valerie Peck 514-482-6935

      • This is such good news…and, I’ve also heard from another family whose father has passed. Go to my blog and read the comment in the comment section. I really hope that the Westmount Independent will run a follow-up story. I want to get a clear idea of where I can send this photo and it’s cardboard display of names. It belongs back in Westmount with the families who will have the stories to share! With tremendous gratitude. I’ll be in touch. Kathleen

      • Hi Kathleen, Your initiative is getting results! It’ll be fun to see if you can unearth some more stories from this adventure. I’ll stay tuned!

      • Here is the message from Cynthia, so you can share this news with Jack, please.

        My father was Donald Grahame and his best friend was David Casgrain, members of the Grosvenor Avenue gang, back in the day. I have sent it along to some members of the old gang, who are older and still with us. They will let me know if they can recognize anyone else. I will keep you posted.

        Doreen is the President of the WHA and would like to introduce you to her.

        I know my father was part of a group that helped put together some things for Roslyn School’s 75th anniversary. If this information still exists, it might help to identify the teacher. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photographs of my dad or uncle and non of Roslyn.

        Doreen, I have suggest that the photo get donated to the organization. I would very much like to see it but it should be available to others. There is also another person in that photo that I would like to more information. Strachan – it is some relative on my mother’s side. I have tracked the brothers back to when they landed in Canada but am missing some middle details.

        Hope everything works out.

        Kathleen, thank you again for sharing. It made many people this week, very happy.

        Best regards,


  2. Hi Kathleen, Thanks for your reply! No need to send another photo: The ones on your blog look very clear to me. I am going to try to forward them to the Walls family, together with a copy of the Independent article. I’ll get back to you when I have some news!

    • My e mail, Valerie, is

      I would truly love it if Jack’s daughter would send me a note. I’d like to first, mail the photograph to the Jack and his daughter. But, with the wonderful response of Cynthia, perhaps this is a community story and Jack might then contribute the photograph to the Westmount Historical society if they are keeping a properly archived collection. This is something that can be decided once it falls into Jack’s hands. There is some talk that there are other boys from the photograph still living. I’d like to know their back stories. For example, I think it is a beautiful thing that Jack served our country in World War II. That makes me smile as I come from a military family and my brother has just recently retired from the Canadian Navy and my father RCAF retired Lieutenant Colonel from the CAF. Anyway, hoping that Jack’s daughter can be in contact and I will get her mailing address that way. Thanks for mediating this communication. Kathleen

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