Caroline Elliott (1902 – 1984)

This past long weekend, I had the opportunity to pick up Marilyn Moffatt from the airport and to head out on a little road trip to visit the matriarchs of our family.  My whole focus for this wee piece of family history was to learn what I could about the Elliott family, at least in terms of narratives or remembrances, even if in some cases, they were slightly exaggerated or foggy.

Marilyn is the daughter of John Staunton Elliott (Uncle Jack) and Edith Ward.  We are truly blessed that Marilyn is so open and active in connecting with her family.  She is a treasure.

Caroline was born two years after Uncle Ted and two years before my own Gramma, Florence Elliott.  I’ve very few stories on Caroline.  An interesting fact is that she became a Catholic and is buried in Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery in Burlington/Hamilton, alongside her husband Stanley James Gamelin.

Auntie Caroline and Uncle Stan had three children and one loss, Orville, Donnie and Joan.  I am really eager to learn more about the three and what might have happened over the years.  At one time, I believed Orville was a test pilot on a aircraft carrier and that his demise was related to an accident, but I have recently learned that Orville lived much beyond those years.  And so…the research continues.  If you know anything at all about the family, I’d love to hear from you.

Here, I’m providing a screen shot containing some of the information gathered to this point.  Credit to this organization of facts goes out to Family Search.

(I am updating this information and will take a new screenshot.  I’m blessed that a dear cousin, Lynn, has provided me with current and correct information.)


Marilyn in plaid and Auntie Caroline Elliott and #2

Auntie Caroline with the Uncle Jack Elliott’s Children Left to Right: Ron Elliott, Marilyn Elliott and Dawn-anne

Marriage certificate for Stanley James and Caroline May appears below.

Caroline Elliott marriage

Ted Caroline Florence Jack

Charles Edward (Ted) Elliott, Caroline Elliott, Florence Elliott, John Staunton Elliott

The resting place in Holy Sepulchre Catholic Cemetery for Caroline and Stanley.

Caroline M. Elliott married to Stanley Gamelin

Auntie Caroline had three children and one loss, Shaun Christopher.  Joan was Caroline’s only daughter.  Recently, Joan’s daughter Lynn generously contacted me and has filled in some blanks for me.  Her Uncle Orville, it turns out, was a stoker in the Navy.  With this clue, I will likely continue my research on Orville and his role in the Canadian Navy.  Lynn’s father was also in the Navy at the same time as Orville.

New content collected from Lynn, up until now, include the fact that Joan used to call her Grandfather, George Elliott, Pop.  When I spoke to my father about this, he also agreed. When Joan’s Grandmother, Mable Burrows, died, she was the one who found her in her bed.  Pop lived with Caroline and her family until he died.  He had a couple of strokes before he died.  Lynn remembers her mother telling her about George’s hook.

Gramma Moors, Caroline, Orval, Joan 1

Back Row Left to Right: Great Auntie Caroline Elliott Gamelin, Orville Gamelin, Florence Elliott Moors (my grandmother) and little Joan Gamelin, Orville’s little sister.

Joan left Hamilton, at the age of 19 in 1954.  Later on, she moved to Hamilton for a period of about three years.

Uncle Orville married Fran.  Lynn was close to their second daughter, Carol Marie.  They had four daughters;  Sandy, Carol, Debbie and Cathy.  Carol passed away at the age of 42.

Uncle Donnie married Betty and they had three girls; Karen, Joanne and Sherry.  Sherry and Lynn were close for many years, even after Lynn moved back to Nova Scotia, but it has been years since they have connected.

My father’s cousin, Joan, is front center in this family photograph.  It is such a blessing to see this.  I also feel very blessed that Lynn contacted me in response to this blog.  I look forward to hearing from other family members or even meeting them one day!  I will be including my cousin, Joan and her family in my prayers.

Joan and family Caroline Elliotts daughter

If you have any memories of Caroline, I’d appreciate you contacting me via e mail

Joan’s Wedding. Caroline is directly behind Joan and Stanley, Caroline’s husband is directly behind her. Female standing beside Caroline is Joan’s cousin, Debbie.
Great Auntie Caroline Elliott Gamelin with her unnamed little girls.
Joan and Lynn’s brother, Larry