Robert Alexander Moors (1910-1979)

Robert Alexander Moors (1910 – 1979)

is my father’s uncle, son of John Moors (1877-1918) and Mary Eleanor Haddow


John Moors (1877 – 1918)

father of Robert Alexander Moors


John Moors (1904 – 1988)

son of John Moors


John Moors, my father


The following anecdotes were gleaned from Dick Chandler’s research on the Haddows, interviews with my aunties and father, John Moors, and from my grandfather, John Moors’s journal.

“Bob” was born, a twin, with George Gordon Moors on the 19th of June, 1910.  He married Jessie McLean, formerly Jessie Hyslop on the 24th of April, 1937.  I’m having great difficulty confirming the whereabouts and events that took place for Jessie after Bob’s sudden passing on the 6th of December, 1979, when, story has it, ‘he was killed instantly while running to catch the 5 p.m. bus in Hamilton.’

A newspaper obituary read:

MOORS, Robert Alexander – Suddenly in Hamilton on December 6, 1979, Robert A. Moors, beloved husband of Jessie McLean, dear father of Robin of Simcoe and James of Guelph, brother of Mrs. Grace Brillinger of Hamilton, Mrs. William Silver (Betty) of Ottawa and John of Alberta.  Also survived by four grandchildren.  Resting at the Dodsworth and Brown Funeral Home for service in Dodsworth Chapel on Monday at 11 a.m. Interment Hamilton Cemetery.  (Robert Alexander shares a resting place with his Great Grandfather, John Moors and his marker leaves a space for his wife, Jessie…but she must be resting elsewhere.)

Of my Great Uncle Bob, my grandfather recorded in his journal, transcribed by Darcy Rollingson…

Of the twins, Grampa said…

George Gordon Moors

Robert Alexander Moors Birth Wentworth

“The twins were the most striking pair you ever did see!  George was just the image of my mother; black hair, black eyes and all.  The other boy, Robert, was exactly like Father, blue eyes and red hair.  The boys had to be bottle-fed and to this day, I truly believe that it was through the neglect of our doctor, that George passed away, because of wrong-feeding.  Mother was so angry at the whole thing that, with Dad’s say-so, she packed up and took Robert to Hamilton.  She went straight to a specialist.  Bob was so sickly that you would have to bend right down in order to hear him cry.  Dr. Lafferty advised Mother that he was doing nothing else but starving to death.  He was getting the wrong food.  So, they put Bob on a special food and Mom had to travel back and forth between Hamilton and Nipissing.  This was a journey of over 300 miles and they could ill afford it, but they were only too willing to do it.  Finally, Bob gained strength and he’s a big strapping man today.  He is the father of two sons, both ministers.”  (only Robert John was a pastor) My Auntie Ruth said that one son died quite young because he suffered his whole life with hemophilia. (Ehlers Danlos)

(Some corrections, after having received a note from a grandchild of Bob and Jessie…I’m so grateful for this recent contact that can be read fully in the comments section below.)

Bob was definitely not 6′ anything nor was he 200lbs, he was a slim man, probably 5’10” ish. Only one of their sons, the youngest, Robert John (my father) was a pastor. He would be the one who died young at 49, from Ehlers Danlos, not hemophilia.
Jesse and Bob had two sons James Robert and Robert John. Both had two daughters each. James has 2 grandchildren. Rob has 4.)

A later occasion…

“I was a horrible boy, I tell you; I should have had more hidings than I ever got.  Never shall I forget one fishing trip I had.  We were only about two miles from the lake.  Young Bob was trailing along behind me.  I said, “Go home! I want nothing to do with you, you lousy red-headed monkey!”  Well, Mother heard me and put her head out the window and offered me some alternatives with which to suit myself;  I could put away my fishing pole and do some work for her; or I could take my brother along with me.  So, young Bob followed along behind me as happy as could be.  Well, I got him in the boat, cut into the deep water and started rocking the boat.  Bob got down in the middle of the boat and promised never to ask Mom to make me take him with me again.  I was about ten and Bob was only six.

Grampa John Moors with his sister Grace and Brother Bob

Now, Bob’s a big fellow, about 6’2″, 200 pounds and the last time I went down to Hamilton, I asked him if he ever wanted to go fishing with me like we did that time.  He said if I ever did he’d gladly break my neck for me, which he could easily do!”

Bob’s cousin, Edith Emily Haddow, recalled that Bob would always walk her home after she had visited.  He was interested in basketball and he and his sister, Grace, would frequently watch Edith Emily play.

My  Auntie Ruth remembers that Bob was ‘not the best looking rooster in the coop’.  This makes me laugh, even today.  He was tall and red-headed like his brother, John…very nice…funny and had big ears.  Apparently he road his bike everywhere!

One fine day, my Dad’s sister, Margaret, asked Great Gramma Moors if she could be a part of a swimming competition down at the Hamilton Bay.  She was not allowed, but Bob got her to jump on the back of his bike and he delivered her to the competition, where she won.  Once home, Margaret was scolded by Great Grandmother Moors.  My Grandfather, John Moors came down from Oshawa to pick up Eleanor and Margaret.  Again!  Another scolding from him!  He gave a wink as Great Grandmother Moors passed over the prize of chocolate to him.  To this day, Auntie Ruth, who was left behind, figures that Eleanor, Margaret and Grampa all got to enjoy chocolate on the way back to Oshawa.

John Moors and SiblingsOn the night that he and Jessie arrived home from their honeymoon, they stopped in to visit Great Grandmother Moors and Ruth reports that he wanted to stay there, with his mother and have Jessie go home to her house.  Great Grandmother said that there would be none of that!  He was married now and would begin his married life at Jessie’s house.

I am so grateful that recently, my cousin, Anne, sent me a keepsake…a wedding photo of Jessie and Bob on their special day.  I think that in this photograph, Robert has a particular likeness to my Grampa.  I will treasure this always and protect it, along with the provenance so that my family can enjoy its beauty always and for years to come.

Jessie McLean with Robert Alexander Moors of Hamilton, Ontario

Jessie McLean with Robert Alexander Moors of Hamilton, Ontario

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Uncle Bob Moors Jessie McLean and James Robert Moors

Uncle Bob Moors, Auntie Jessie Maclean Moors and likely James Robert Moors

Great Uncle Bob Moors 1970

Great Uncle Robert Moors contributed by James Moors

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  1. Jesse and Bob are my grandparents. You have some stories I’ve not heard and pictures I’ve not seen. I knew my papa had a room who died, but had never heard the story of how our weekday what went into getting my grandfather well. Seeing my Nana’s handwriting brought tears to my eyes. She continued to live in Hamilton after he passed for many years. I believe she passed in 2004, or early 2005. They were both wonderful, gentle loving people.

    Bob was definitely not 6′ anything nor was he 200lbs, he was a slim man, probably 5’10” ish. Only one of their sons, the youngest, Robert John (my father) was a pastor. He would be the one who died young at 49, from Ehlers Danlos, not hemophilia.

    Jesse and Bob had two sons James Robert and Robert John. Both had two daughters each. James has 2 grandchildren. Rob has 4.

    If you’d like more info, let me know 😉

    • I AM OVER THE MOON! I am so grateful! You and I are relations then…and I will let my cousin Teddy Witbeck and Anne McKeown know about you, as well. Anne was the one who passed the photograph and the provenance on to me. Once I can confirm our relationship and such, and I know that you will treasure it, I think that the photograph should come back to you. I have always ached to see a photograph of my Great Grandfather John Moors in uniform. It was once said that Betty Silver had inherited one, but I have had troubles making connections with her daughter and son on that one. My new e mail is I’d love to connect with you and I really really DO appreciate your corrections. I feel blessed tonight and wish you the most magical New Year! Kathleen Moors, daughter of John Moors.

    • Postscript: It’s interesting how family stories/memory/recollections can skew or change the ‘true’ version…that’s why the closer we get to the source, the more accurate the information. You have given clarity to things already…and I’m grateful for your having come upon my blog. I, in fact, would enjoy more information. I can’t find anything on the internet about your pastor-father…and I’m obviously interested. Sending love and wishes for the season. Merry Christmas! Kathleen

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