I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen by Josef Locke

Oh, my…had I not noticed the page numbers at the top of this collection, I would not have been directed to this tune.  Story has it that I was named as a result of my Dad singing this song…I hadn’t seen the piece of music until this morning.  I think that Mom told me that she was stuck on the idea of calling me Lynne Ann, but that Dad did some convincing.

Dad’s recollections…

“You had previously mentioned 2 others that you thought were my Moms
favourites, but let me tell you, NO question this was her favourite! She
would get me to sing it and she would sit with her eyes closed then tell
me she could see Grampa Elliot,and she always teared up a little. Made it
my favourite, as well.”

I wish I had had a chance to meet my great grandfather Elliott!

Just listened to this Youtube video and had a tear.  It is truly beautiful.


I noticed that Dad had marked page 48 and 20 at the top of this music book…and look what I found when I turned the pages!


Totally unrelated…but sort of, I heard Josh Ritter sing this song in the Jubilee Auditorium here in Calgary…a song that reminded me of my Dad’s singing the classical version.  He came out into the back and signed my cd.  A beautiful contemporary song, Kathleen.