East End, Saskatchewan

The geography of the place…

Eastend is located south-east of the Cypress Hills, east from Ravenscrag Butte and south from Anxiety Butte. It lies at an elevation of 915 meters (3,002 ft), in the valley of the Frenchman River. The Eastend Reservoir was built upstream from the community.

Saskatchewan Highway 13 and highway 614 intersect in Eastend. The Canadian Pacific Railway tracks also pass through the town.

The Eastend Formation, a stratigraphical unit of the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin was named for the town and was first defined in outcrops close to the settlement.

GO OFF OF THE TRANS CANADA #1 at Gull Lake. Journey through the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park and then Red Coat Trail…it is spectacular.  My main intention was to share a cup of tea with Bronwyn Schuster, an artist-friend who lives in East End…but, in the end, the journey was so much more!

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