April 7, 2015

??????????I took the same route.
It’s what I do.

I passed the business man
heading for light rail transit,
grasping his brief case with
one hand, tightly,
and gesturing with the other,
widely.  I imagined he was practicing a speech.

He was probably on a phone plugged into his ear
while being unplugged.  So much of the world
wanting to sing into that particular ear.

Two crows.
The sound, like waking up in the tent,
The air, cool-wet in morning,
bringing to mind,
shuffling out into a scene void of
human voices, shuffling, worries…
just the black birds shouting at
one another.

One breaks away
to chase the magpie from

I have that feeling that I’m not seeing
something…something that is right
in front of my face.

Two geese stand firm on the
path in front of me. Their heads,
postured, their eyes looking.

At the very last moment,
they slide into the water,
taking note of the dog.

Six ducks, in formation,
fly low over my head.

The robin on the highest branch
of an evergreen tree, looks down
from the south slope,
repeating his song.

The tracks rumble long before
I see the train. Chu chung chu chung chu chung
rhythmically snaps the moment in two.

I am fully awake.
Somewhere behind, there lingers
a sense that I should
be afraid, but I am not.

©Kathleen Moors

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