The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea

I was once in love with a trucker.  And, as a result, I had two very memorable journeys long-hauling…delivering meat to the Mexican border and to Los Angeles and then returning to Alberta with salad stuff and watermelon.  On one of these trips, I had the opportunity to experience the Salton Sea.  I did this wee sketch in my journal.  It does not capture the absolute magic of the place.  In fact, photographs can only represent isolated moments…the movement of the wind, the smell of the air, the dazzle of the water and the sense of depth can only be experienced in the flesh.

There is an intriguing sense of mystery in that experience of the sky, land and water all melding together.  This is a place that I will always remember on one of my few north/south migrations.

The Salton Sea

2 thoughts on “The Salton Sea

  1. Crazy! We just watched a documentary about the Salton Sea on Netflix. I’d never heard of it and I became so curious about it. But the film presented it as a toxic place, not this magical, mysterious place. I’m so happy to see this. Leslie

    • It is a completely mystical place…the light…its location…everything about it is a must-see…and yes, created through the foibles of humanity. It is another beautiful mistake.

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