Ruthie’s Objects

It’s the 8th of April in the strangest of years…2020. I haven’t written about my experience of the changing world ‘out there’, but for the record, humanity is in the midst of a pandemic, with no end in sight and it feels like the weirdest most surreal experience. Every one of us knew that underlying our normal every day lives, this was always a possibility. And now it is our reality.

I’m not writing this entry as a way of going over it or sharing what I’ve been doing, as a result. It seems like there is only this anymore. This, can sometimes be overwhelming. I’m writing to share that last night I hit another wall (not the first and likely, not to be the last) during this time. John Prine died yesterday, the result of Covid-19. As the news surfaced, so did the numbers of Prine lyrics and many videos across social media. I found myself feeling sadness for the many musicians, venues, cancelled festivals and folks who back up these various parts of the music industry. This is a tough world to negotiate in optimal conditions. But, in this situation, I can only imagine the heartache.

I hope that each one of us can try, in our own way, to support live music in some way. We need to see our fellow humans through hard times.

My cup is not running over with loot these days either, but I did decide that I would make an effort to support one musician.

I’ve been tuning in, when I can, to a Livestream event every evening at 7 o’clock. Ruth Purves Smith has always put a smile on my face and she can regularly make me belly laugh. Now, even in these tough times, she’s still able to do this. During her program, dubbed I Love Ruthie, Ruth regales attendees with stories, songs and a window to her life in a small hamlet called Swalwell, Alberta.  I laugh all by myself as I sit in front of my laptop, here at home, with Max curled up behind me.  I go on a little journey to ‘Swallywood’ and I feel, at least for a short time, I’m looking through someone else’s eyes. We love you, Ruth!

Here are a few images of objects of Ruth’s affection.

These are hard times for absolutely everyone…writing this, I am merely reiterating what so many others are saying…Let’s do what we can, considering our own means, health, stability.  Let’s be present to one another in one of the most isolating times of our collective history.