Object of My Affection: Copper Pendant by Lisa Morris

My Dad has always been a bit of a romantic.  He regularly brought Mom gifts of jewelry and picked up flowers for her on the way home from work.

He’s been generous with his children as well.  I’m going to post a few different pages under my Objects of Affection item in the menu, just so that my kids always hold on to these gifts and share them with one another.

On this last trip, on two different occasions, Dad brought me home potted plants.  I especially like the azalea because I remember my mother going to great lengths to keep her azalea plants alive, to the point of giving them showers…they benefit from humidity so much!

Dad also brought me a pendant that he purchased from Lisa Morris at the Belleville Market.  Last summer, staying with Dad, I made regular trips to the City of Belleville downtown market and was swept up in the magic of fresh produce, local honey and sausages and beautiful original art objects.

DSC_0477Belleville and generally, the Bay of Quinte and area are filled with talented and positive people and I appreciate that last summer I had opportunity to get to know some of these.

To close, I also wish to acknowledge the red wine that Dad drove the length of the Trans Canada highway, just to share with me over wondrous dinners. The wine kit that Dad uses is put together at Cold Creek Winery in Frankford.  Thanks Dad and thank you, Dave, for the gift of red wine!

P1180381Dad, I am really blessed with your gestures of love and am reminded daily just how blessed I am to have you in my life!

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