Duna by Josephine McGill

Here, listen to Welsh-American baritone Thomas L. Thomas sings the ballad “Duna” with Ivor Newton at the piano. Recorded in 1956. Words by Marjorie Pickthall with music by Josephine McGill.

Now…looking for a tenor.  Here’s one by James McCracken.  Oh, my!  I wish that I could have listened to my father sing this one!  I really like it!

I like this version, as well…on the aeolian pipe organ.

Very little is written about Josephine McGill apart from the fact that she was an American composer and musical historian born in Louisville, KY. on October 20, 1877 and died on February 24, 1919. She was an authority on the songs of the Southern Appalachians.  I would appreciate contributions of more information by my readers.

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