Brendan Moffat 2013

I met Brendan at the Gorilla House and was so amazed by his drawings.  I was thrilled to come into this beautiful girl!  Brendan does some exciting travel and is a dedicated artist at the same time.  Something that I really enjoy is how Brendan is totally present with me when we speak.  It’s easy, when you put the years on, to feel somewhat dismissed by youth, but not this young man!  In fact, his Mom, Rose has attended the Gorilla House and I’ve noticed that he is so proud of her.

Brendan has a great website, titled opposite-hand.  My readers can enjoy some of his images and ideas there. I especially enjoy his pieces that incorporate the use of wildlife because of my interest in a Covenant series.  The piece that I purchased is titled Regal 1850.  I also purchased two of Brendan’s pendants at Market Collective during their Valentine event.

Currently, Brendan is exploring a Jester series following an extensive trip to Indonesia and yet another run with the Burning Man Festival.  If you connect with this guy, the stories and energy are endless.  Enjoy!

P1140035 P1140036 P1140037

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