Gallery: New Works

14 thoughts on “Gallery: New Works

  1. These are all amazing; love the way you use text in your art! Also, the polar bear painting is a very moving piece; it really resonated with me (I was born in Canada, but live in Australia) … =D

    • Franki! Thank you so much for visiting my blog…and for taking a look at my paintings. My Dad saved a one winged pelican when I was a little girl and it ended up in a wildlife refuge…that was the beginning of my Covenant series!

  2. I connected with you through a comment you made at my blog, in 2015. Thanks for that. I don’t think anyone ever made a comment before. I am starting to build my network, one connection at a time. I love your images and do especially like the weaving of text, paint and an environmental consciousness. Simply beautiful.

  3. just saw your post of the Lawren Harris show…thank you for that! Not sure where you live but we are always looking for members at the Belleville Art Association…

    • Hello there, Jan! Thanks for introducing yourself. My local chiropractor, Tracy Bray, gave me your name and suggested I touch base with the association while I’m in town. I live in Calgary, Alberta, but visit my father here in Belleville over long periods of time. I hope that you can make it to the show at the wee Artists and Artisans gallery space on September 11 2 -4. I was thinking I’d like to find an Umbrella newspaper or two to take home with me as well, but don’t know how to access one in the physical realm. Would you point me in the right direction? Thanks! Kath

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