Objects of My Affection: Papier Mache


I don’t do this when the children are here.  But, when I’m alone on a beautiful day like this one, I curl up on the red couch with my coffee and look through books like this Spirit of the Ocean book.  The photographs take me to a different place and I thank God for this amazing world we live in, with its oceans, mountains and rivers.

A dear friend gave me the beautiful card that I’ve framed because I wanted to be reminded daily, of the power of friendship.  I particularly like the bubbles.  Life is ephemeral, so it stands to reason, that we treasure every moment.  (It becomes a cliche, doesn’t it?)  But, do we really take heed?

The painting was done, one of a series, after Laurie-dog passed away.  I revisited a whole number of places where we used to walk, places that had inspired earlier paintings.  When I showed slides to my then-dealer, he said, “There is too much sky and we really can’t use them.”  It was the beginning to my exasperation with life in the commercial galleries and a sign that my relationship with the people in that business, was failing.  I needed to do something in my life differently, and the Heaven series taught me that.  These were the last oil paintings I did before moving on to my Covenant Series.

I love the photograph of my brother and I.  We were very close when we were both very little, being born only a year apart.  I yearn for that closeness again.  This wee black and white photograph somehow keeps me connected.  Photographers have such an importance.  I wonder often, who was behind the camera when that photograph was taken.

Me and My Big Brother

I made papier mache trees with my wee students in The Chapel/My Studio some time ago.  Hanging from my tree are some of the ornaments my students decorated for various artists over the years.  I treasure their work.

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