The Holy City by Alfred R. Gaul

Dad didn’t have any stories connected to this Cantata, The Holy City: A Sacred Cantata by Alfred R. Gaul.  There is a long profession performance list on Youtube, but I selected to post this alumni performance.  Without microphones, some of the solo work does not come out very clearly and they are missing confidence in places.  I just like it for the evident love for the piece.  You can tell that there is a connection for the singers and the director.  I love the directions.  This Jubilee choir had evidently sang this together former years.  Very cool.

If there were specific solo bits that Dad recalled, I would post those pages of music here, but for now, I’m just getting this Novello posted here.

The entire piece is scanned and posted here.  Just click mouse on each page, to turn, left page to turn back..