Objects of Our Affection


Objects surround us from the time we open our eyes in the morning; some, we treasure for sentimental reasons, others contribute to our comfort and still others give us a feeling of happiness and connection with a bigger community.  I think it’s important not to have huge attachments to objects/things because, daily, we are reminded that all is ephemeral.  Regardless, it is an interesting thing to check out and understand the meaning that objects have for us so that we really understand what is truly of value…that is, our relationships with God, family and friends…we can be more generous when we disconnect from an attachment to our objects.

From Twisted Sifter…

This is the most touching and heartfelt tribute you will see today. When filmmaker Gemma Green-Hope’s grandmother passed in 2010, the family had to sort through her possessions and belongings. As she explains on Vimeo:

“I inherited some of her clothes to wear, books to read, a bicycle to ride. But how do you make sense of all the other things that someone leaves behind, the things nobody sees, boxes full of photographs, and bits of string? I used these objects alongside images and memories of my own to make this short animation, which I dedicate to her memory.”


Music by George Manson
Elizabeth Boat made by Rachel Sumner
With excerpts from:
The Fairies’ by William Allingham,
Eternal Father, Strong to Save’ (The Naval Hymn) by William Whiting

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